The sri rangadhamam temple is dedicated to lord sri bhu neela sametha sri ranganattha swamy and sri bhu neela sametha kalyana venkateswara swamy. It is built on the banks of sacred river godavari, gowthami ghat, rajahmundry, east godavari district, andhra pradesh.

Sri Ranganattha is the presiding Deity in the temple. Lord Ranganattha was consecrated  in the main sannidhi in 2nd floor of this temple. The other sannidhis in the Rangadhamam temple are Sri Lakshmi Devi,  Sri Goda Rangamannar (similar to sri villiputthur), Sudarsana Swamy, and Vishwaksena.

Sri Bhu Neela sametha Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy, twelve Alwar sannidhi and Acharya sannidhis reside in the first floor of the temple.

The specialty of Rangadhamam temple is that it follows the same tradition and rituals conducted in Srirangam. Nalayira Divya Prabandha parayanam, Vedaparayanam, Ithihasa, Purana, parayana etc., Sevas are performed regularly every day.

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