10th Brahmotsavam of Divya Saketham

Divya Saketham is a beautiful temple structured under the guidance of the most renowned, extremely compassionate and rightfully practical Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

The temple hosts in honour Sri Vaikuntanatha, Sri Ranganatha and Sri Ramachandra Swami – the Deity forms of Para, Vyuha and Vibhava incarnations of Lord. This temple lies in the same premises as the 216-foot Ramanujacharya’s statue. Ramanujacharya unveiled the essence of Vedic wisdom embedded in Ashtakshari Mantra to everyone without any restrictions. It is only Devotion on the foundation of strong belief that matters and not the caste, creed, colour, race, gender or wisdom to attain the state of eternal bliss in the abode of God.

To know more about the history of the temple, please check here

The word  ‘Utsavam’ carries a meaning of Increased Joy;( Uth :Increase/ High, Savam : Joy/Celeration) The temple is celebrating the 10th Bramhotsavams at JIVA from the 11th of May to 17th of May 2019. Come join the celebrations of removing the grief and rot in life.And to learn and serve God, who is so sweetly and easily accessible to us in the Deity form (just like your child whom you can dress up, feed, bathe, take on a ride and more). Witness the priests of temple serving God with Love and Devotion during these celebrations. After all, it is God’s 10th Birthday at Divya Saketham.

Let’s all take part in the Sevas including వాహనోత్సవం, నిత్య హోమం, కల్యణొత్సవం, రథొత్సవం, పుష్ప యాగం, తిరుమంజనం, and a score of other sevas being planned in our Divya Saketham.

Let’s join this grand celebration with Family, Friends and all your near and dear.


11th May 12th May 13th May 14th May 15th May 16th May 17th May

Mangalasasanam By Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Program begin from 9AM onward

Morning : Bhramothsavam Sapanamu

Evening : From 5PM
1. Sri Vishwaksena Aradhana
2. Punyahavachanam Pooja
3. Rakshabandham
4. Mruth Sangrahanam
5. Ankurarpanam
6. Vainatheya Patishta

Morning : From 9 PM
1. Dwajarohanam
2. Agni Pratistha
3. Veda Vinnappam
4. Sesha Vahanaseva

Evening :
1. Devatha Aahwanam
2. Chandra Prabha Vahana Seva

Morning :
1. Suryaprabha Vahana Seva

Evening :
1. Eduru Kollu Utsavam
2. Kotnallu Danchuta
3. Hamsa Vahana Seva
4. Hanuman Vahana Seva

Morning :
1. Ponna Vruksha vahana seva

Evening: From 6 PM

Morning :
1. Gaja Vahana Seva

1. Garuda Vahana Seva

Morning : From 8 AM
1. Radhamga Havanam
2. Radhosthavam
3. Chakrasnanam
Evening: From 6 PM
1. Devatha udvasana
2. Sri Puproyagam
3. Dwadasharadana
4. Maha Prustahruthi
5. Dwajarohanam
6. Felicitations Ruthviks Samapthi

Morning : From 9 AM
1. Utsavantha Snapanam

1. Sapthavaranam
2. Conclusion