Director of National Institute of Amateur Radio, Sri S. Ram Mohan visited JIVA ashram to pay his obeisance to HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. He was immensely happy to have the opportunity to explain Sri Swamiji the concept of HAM radio and the benefits of spreading the use of this technology to young people in India in larger scale. In times of any disaster when every communication channel fails, Ameteur (Ham) Radio Communications successfully work in delivering messages and seeking support for the affected. School books all contain the importance of the communication channel. But, the usage of this is minimal in India. Several countries including USA, Japan and China have lakhs of volunteers trained in this system and are equipped to support their countries during disasters. Our country has youth that can benefit from this by being exposed to technology of communications in a more practical way, in supporting during emergencies for the nation and more. Swamiji agreed and is looking forward to have a group of volunteers and students from the ashram to get trained to aid support to the society and nation when necessary.
S. Ram Mohan garu was amazed and thrilled to have the conversation with Sri Swamiji when Swamiji educated him on how blind children use keys of the Ham Radio and many other aspects. He said, ‘No-one beyond you in knowledge Swamiji’!
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