It was dark and raining outside. A traveller reaches a house and seeks help for shelter. The owner offers an isolated small room outside the house. The traveller thanks the owner and begins to rest in the room. After a few minutes, the traveller hears a knock on the door. He opens the door and sees a stranger who is also looking for shelter. The original resident of the room tells the stranger that the room is only enough for one person to sleep; however he welcomes the stranger stating that he is ok to adjust and that they both can sit. The two people now are sitting in the room waiting for the rain to stop. After a few minutes, there is another knock on the door. They open the door and see another person looking for shelter. It is only if they stand in the room that the three can fit in the room. They help each other and stand under the roof of the room.
After some time, each of them feel a push. They keep telling each other not to push. However, they soon realise it wasn’t any of them pushing. There seems to be a fourth person in the room!
The first person offers to light up a diya and find out who the fourth person is. But, where is the necessary material to lighten up the diya!? He sings beautifully in Tamil/Dravidam, vyanthagalayavaarkadaleneyyaaga… which meant – He makes the world a pramida, water as ghee, and Sun as light. But, he could not see the fourth person in clarity.
The second person then offers to light up a diya to find out who the fourth person is. What other material is left for him to put up some light in the room? He sings beautifully in Tamil/Dravidam, anvethagalayaaarvameneyyaagainburugusindairithudai… which meant – He makes his heart a pramida, love for Lord as ghee, the teachings from learned Vedic scholars as wicks and gnanam as the light that now ignites with the help of all the material. However, he also sees the fourth person blurred.
The third person tells the other two that he would like to give a try.  He is smart and so puts one hand on the first person and another hand on the second person and looks through the light of both the diyas to find out who the fourth person is. He can see Lord clearly and sings beautifully, thirukkandemponmelikanden…-He describes Lord (Narayana) as one who is glowing with brilliant glares like that of Gold, along with an extremely admirable shining creeper – our Mother (Maha Lakshmi). He describes the entire creation as vibrant and lively under the shade of the divine couple.
This is how we can beautifully begin to shine our hearts with the knowledge of Lord and his creation and the existence of the self under their protective and compassionate shield! With all of us being parts of this big whole – we can only wish to grow together collectively and happily supporting each other! This is the light of the true knowledge! May it glow well with the perspective as defined by the third person in the room!
– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
– During KotiDeepotsavam in NTR grounds on October 22nd 2017
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