Generally, people think that the soul (we) own our bodies and a supreme power whom we call God owns us (the soul). But, this is NOT true.

Let’s see what should be true when we say we own something.

Vyapanamu (to enable its existence)
Dharanamu (to enable its sustenance)
Niyamanamu (complete control to bring it down from the current form)

Now, are we able to bring our body into existence, or sustain or have complete control on it? Think of hands on a clock. Do they have freedom? Yes and No. They have controlled freedom. They can only move in one direction and only until the life of the battery. We also enjoy a framed freedom in this body, but not own our body. The body and the self are both under the control of the supreme power.
What is this body made of? It is called prakruthi. Let us see some aspects of the body as described in Vedam
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