Deep love towards God
A devotee or in this context, our Nammalwar is blessed by God with the immense love for HIM. Because of this immense love, the devotee deeply meditates or imagines being with God forever in every circumstance. Such devotees feel God’s presence all around them every minute.

Manas (anthar indriyam – internal sense organ)

In such a state, the devotee experiences serving God, talking to him, playing with him, discussing with him issues of the day, finding out how he is doing, what is he up to, giving him a hug, giving him a foot massage, imagining God in every single relation that the devotee would like to do out of deep love towards all his great qualities. The deep love or devotion reaches a state where it no longer matters what good qualities there are in God. It is a state that becomes unconditional.

Vedam also states that the relationship between God and Soul exists forever and they are unconditionally bonded.

Samshlesa Dasa (oneness)

When serving God in his manas (the internal sense organ) , the devotee experiences the relation in real just like you experience something so real in a dream. This state is called Pratyaksha samanakaram or Apushoktha sakshathkaram. He reaches a state of ‘madness’ for God. After all, two people in love are in such a crazy state. It is no wonder that love towards God can take a devotee to such a state. Love towards God results in songs that speak Vedic truths that rule the existence.

The devotee sees a beautiful flower around him and he talks to the flower asking it whether it is colourful because of the togetherness with God, just like he is at the moment.

He is extremely happy and content and utters poetic verses that describe the state of oneness with God. He now writes songs that tell us what it feels to have the presence of God tied to the soul.

Vishlesha Dasa (state of seperation)

When love out pours and wants to expand beyond manas, the devotee seeks or wishes to experience the same bonding through other sense organs such as eyes, skin, ears etc. When the devotee tries this out, he finds out that God is not reachable through external senses. That leaves him in a state of extreme pain. The extreme pain is so intolerable that the pain finds it way through lyrics of song wishing for the oneness to come back. The devotee is completely immersed in this state, Vishlesha Dasa – that he forgets that there was a time when his manas experienced togetherness with HIM.

He now writes songs that tell us what it feels to be away from God for a soul. To be honest, the soul and God are never separate. Soul does not exist without God. So, the songs of the devotees declare the same truths – with lines that mean ‘I cannot and do not exist without you’.

He writes songs where he talks to anything that he sees or feels – such as ‘wind’ asking it take him back to the state of oneness.

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