On 26th Aug 2016, Sri Krushna Jayanthi was celebrated with joy and excitement in Sitanagaram in presence of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji. Many devotees fasted the whole day without even taking a sip of water engaging themselves in participating and listening to the divine activities of Lord Krushna.
After Sravana Sukravara puja to Mother Lakshmi and thirtha goshti in the morning, students and devotees sat in the Thirttha Sadanam and spoke about the great gunas of the Lord. Vutti – a traditional fun where kids and elders try to reach for the pot of butter reminiscing the leelas of Bala Krushna was held for Vedic students, ladies, gents and children. Prize money was given to winners.
The evening program started at 6:00 pm with chanting of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. Giving a wonderful message, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji said – “He who has no birth, took birth. He takes birth out of compassion for all beings while we beings take birth due to karma. Thinking of the jail Lord was born in relieves us from this birth and death cycle – a never ending jail. Thinking about the shackles of his parents breaks our karmic bondage.
The compassionate Lord took birth and gave the ultimate upadesam – charama sloka in Bhagawad Githa. The original purpose of His birth is to reveal Githa. But no one approached Him to know the Truth. Finally, He revealed the secret – charama sloka in the 700 slokas poem called Bhagavad Githa in the war field.
Lord Krushna taught us how to live. Right from His birth, He started listening to His parents. When Devaki, afraid that some harm might befall him seeing him born extraordinarily with 4 hands, ornaments and five weapons, asks Him to hide them, He hides them.
Right from His birth He faced many difficulties. People were planning against Him. His own people blamed him for theft etc. Yet, He overcame all those troubles. The smile on HIs face never faded even once, though we see in Rama Avathar, Rama shed tears and was comforted by Sugriva and even Lakshmana once in a while.
Thus, we human beings should learn to be mentally strong like Lord Krushna, face ups and downs in life equanimously and always be happy.
The program concluded with thirttha goshti and sumptuous 40+ different kinds of prasadams.
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