Sri Yagam – Sarva:rishta Sa:nthi Nakshathra Graha Anuku:latha: Siddhiprada 
January 23rd 2015 to February 1st 2015
NTR Stadium, Hyderabad
Sri:ya:gam along with Nakshathra Santhi is being conducted under the direct supervision of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji from January 23 2015 to February 1 2015 in NTR Stadium, Hyderabad.
We all want Sri – Lakshmi. Let us pray to Her to be blessed with prosperity. The speciality of this Sriyagam is Nakshathra Homas. There are 27 stars. Everyone is born on a particular star. If our stars are good, we will flourish. For that, a homa kunda is allocated to each star and prayers will be offered to bless everyone. There are 33 departments of devathas who rule these stars.  Supreme Lord is the Lord of all.  Hence, in this Sri Yagam we are praying to Sri Lakshmi, the stars, devathas and the Universal Lord to bless the whole humanity.
Don’t miss this opportunity! LET US JOIN AND GET THE BLESSINGS OF SRI MAHA LAKSHMI!  All are welcome. You can also offer your prayers to your nakshathra by participating in Sri Yagam.
Sponsorship Details
1 day Sriyagam – Yajna Ubhayadharulu – Rs. 5001/-
9 days Yajna Ubhayadharulu …… Rs. 25,001/-
1 day Nakshathra Homam – Rs 1,501/-
Samuhika Lakshmipuja – Rs 201/-
Samuhika SriVenkateswaraswamipuja – Rs 201/-
Samuhika SriBhagavad Ramanujaswamipuja – Rs 201/-
 For Nakshathra Homam or Other Sponsorships
For devotees in INDIA, can participate in the Events by submitting below form
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Bank Name :  Andhra Bank
Branch Name :  JIVA Campus
Account No :  209710100008814
IFSC Code :  ANDB 0002097
Address:   Sriramnagar, Muchinthal, Palamakul, R.R. Dist. Telangana.
devotees can join by submitting the form  below
Morning Programs
8:00 am – Santhipatamu, Homam
8:30 am – Thirtha Goshti
9:30 am – Pravachanam on Bhagavadavathara Rahasyam Discourse
11:30 am – Nithya Purnahuthi
12:30 pm – Prasada Goshti
                                                                                     Evening Programs 
5:30 pm –  Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana
6:00 pm – Pravachanam on Bhagavadavathara Rahasyam Discourse
7:30 pm – Nithya Purnahuthi
8:30 pm – Prasada Goshti and Visesha Vahana Sevas

Source: MandasaTemple-Chinnajeeyar
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