Sri Yagam & Bhagawad Gi:tha Parayana – November 23rd to December 2nd 2014
Sriyagam, a mass prayer for  Praja Kshemam  –  welfare and prosperity of all beings was organized grandly by Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET) under the aegis of HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy at Vijayawada from November 23rd through November 30th as a precessor to Gi:tha Jayanthi on Dec 2nd. 
Sri Yagam, a powerful prayer as per the vedic and agamic scriptures for the well being of all the living beings of the world, was attended by several thousands. The PWD grounds in Vijayawada, where the first Virat Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana was inaugurated, housed  the 33 kundas (altars) – 4 for veda, 1 for moola manthra havan and 27 kundas representing the 27 stars for nakshatra homa. Several hundreds of Vedic, Agama and Tattva scholars participated in the Sri Yagam. JET made all the required arrangements for devotees. The program was inaugurated on 22nd evening after the Vastu puja, Vastu Bali and Paryagnikaranam.
On 23rd the Sri Yagam and nakshatra homas started under the guidance of His Holiness. The participants of the nakshatra homa were given the nakshatra sloka and the Vishnu Sahasranama Sthotra Slokas to repeat while the homam was performed. Every morning after the theertha goshti, the ruthwiks started the yagam. HH personally initiated the participants.
Everyday HH taught two chapters from Bhagawad Gi:tha to the interested audience which was in several thousands. HH spent about 5 hours a day presenting the inner essence of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.  On Nov 28th, Friday,  Sri Mahalakshmi Samuhika puja was attended by several thousands. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Devanattha Jeeyar Swamiji personally distributed the Lord’s dollar to the participants. Akhanda Harerama Sankeerthana and Akhanda Vishnu Sahasranama Parayans were done round the clock by the devotees.
Evenings started with Samuhika Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana by all the devotees and was immediately followed by HH Bhagawad Gi:tha Pravachanam. The evening Yajna program started simultaneously. After this program Lord alighted a different vahana each day and went in a procession to Ya:ga sala for purna:huthi.  The bearers were personally trained by HH. They carried the beautifully decorated lord in ‘chaturgatis’ and different speeds. The Nadaswaram team  played beautifully for which all the devotees sang and danced in ecstasy. The musical beats by the special team of drummers from Kerala delighted the Lord and the devotees.   Evening Program concluded with pu:rnahuthi and prasadam distribution.
Health program, Cancer Awareness programs,  Accupressure, Women healthcare, Homeopathy clinics were  organized in the campus by various doctors from India. A wonderful exhibition providing a glimpse into HH activities, Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and upcoming Ramanuja Sahasrabdi project inspired many devotees.  Many dignitaries and several thousands of devotees attended the yagam each day. The volunteers rendered wonderful service round the clock. All of them were felicitated by His Holiness. Prasadams were provided to the devotees and ruthwiks all through the day.
Sri Yagam concluded on Nov 30th on a grand scale. The ya:gasala was overflowing with devotees. Maha: pu:rnahuthi concluded around 2 PM. Later, HH and devotees went on a procession to Krushna river for Avabhrutha snanam. HH Swamiji, Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and Devnath Jeeyar Swamiji took dip in the river after offering prayers. All the devotees thronged the  bathing gath and did Avabhrutha snanam.  The whole river thus became a vehicle in sending the Sri Yagam blessings to one and all who ever use its waters.  
On Dec 1st, about 400 devotees took samasrayanam from HH Sri Swamiji. In the evening Sri Sitha Rama Santhi Kalyanam was conducted. On Dec 2nd, Gi:tha Jayanthi was held with devotional fervor. Several thousands of devotees partook in the chanting though it was  Tuesday, a working day. HH gave mangalasasanams to all devotees and describing the greatness of Bhagawad Ramanuja said. ” It is because of Ramanuja we all are able to pray God. Else, the whole world would have lost the concept of Supreme Lord believing in ” Aham Bramhasmi” – “I am  God”. Many sects such as Gauda, Chaitanya, Swami Narayana are offshoots of Ramanuja Sampradaya. In all the 108 divya desams, Ramanuja is offered prayers because of His efforts in making the world realize the greatness of Supreme Lord.   It is the duty of one and all to glorify such a great acharya. Let us all join hands in this great opportunity” , said HH Swamiji. The program concluded with prasadam distribution.
Day -to-day Report
Bhagawad Gi:tha – Dec 2nd – For details click here

                                  Sri Yagam  Sri Sitha Ramachandra Santhi Kalyanam – Dec 1st 2014

As it was the last day of Sri Yagam, HH Himself gave thirttham to thousands of devotees. It took more than 3 hours to give thi:rttham to all. Later, HH gave a summary of the last 6 chapters and asked everyone to use Personality Development Charts which were developed using the last chapters. The Gi:tha charts are available of website under Media section.
Samasryanams was the next event where hundreds of devotees took initiation of Ashtakshari manthra from Sri Swamiji.
In the evening, after Sahasranama Parayanam, Santhi Kalyanam  took place under the aegis of HH Swamijis. HH Swamiji gave prathimas and Vigrahas of Sitarama Parivaram to all the devotees who were interested in doing kalyanam.  Smn. Srinivasacharya Swami and Smn. Madhu Swami, the eminent Agama scholars of JET performed kalyanam wonderfully. Everybody was impressed with the way they performed kalyanam. Meanwhile Swamiji gave wonderful live commentary. After the kalyanam all the Ruthwiks were honoured with Sambhavana and mementos. All the volunteers who worked tirelessly were also blessed by Swamijis. Surprisingly at the time of Kalyanam Perumal appeared on Garuda Vahanam. Everybody felt blessed to see perumal on Garuda Vahanam at the time of Kalyanam. Thus Sri Yagam concluded successfully with the divine blessings of Perumal and HH Swamiji.
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           Sri Yagam Poornahuthi on 30.11.2014
Today 30th of November the Mahapurnahuti was conducted in a grand manner as per the agamic scriptures. After the completion of Nakshatra homam and Veda homam, Maha Poornahuthi commenced around 12 pm. Ashtakshari Jeeyar Swamiji  came to the yajna and blessed the devotees with His presence. Dr. Pinnamaneni Sudha, Dr. Nageswar Rao garu, , Smt. Sreekumari and Smn. Dr. J. Rameswar Rao garu too attended on this auspicious occasion. Krishna District Collector and Joint Collector also were present for Pravachanam and Homam. HH Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to them. Later HH Swamijis  went on a sobha yathra to Krishna River for avabhrutha snanam.
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Sobha Yathra after Sri Yagam Mahapurnahuthi

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All the devotees followed HH to the avabrutha sna:nam, the conclusion procession ceremony (so:bha: ya:thra). HH Swamiiji started the Sobha Yathra to Krishna River along with devotees chanting HIS divine name. After reaching Krishna river, Swamiji did Nadi Pooja and took the first dip in the river with Mahakumbha kalasam. Then all the Swamis and devotees took  a dip in the sacred river.  All the devotees inspite of their age walked almost 5km. to the bathing ghath.  Thus the Sri Yagam concluded on a grand scale.
People witnessed the live events around the world. The recorded events can be seen at Though the Sri Yagam concluded the program continues for two more days. On December 1st we will have initiation ceremony in the morning and Sita Rama Santhi Kalyanam in the evening. December 2nd is going to be a big day for us. On the Ekadasi day HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji will be initiating all devotees in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.  Let us all join along with family and friends and not miss this opportunity.
All the programs were also personally supervised by HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamy and HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamy and several other scholars. HH Astakshari Jeeyar Swamy was also present for couple of days. Central level ministers, State level ministers, City and Zilla members and officials attended in large numbers.
6th Day

HH Swamiji Githa discourse started at 7.00am. In Yagasala, the homa started with Dwara thorana pooja. Many devotees participated in Nakshatra Homam. As it was Friday,  Lakshmi Sahasra Namavali was chanted while devotees offered kumkum, tumeric and flowers to Mother Lakshmi.  Purnahuthi was performed @ 12.00pm. At 3.00pm HH Swamiji visited Sri Durga Malliswara Sidhartha Mahila Kalasala and addressed 3200 students. At 5.30 pm  the evening program started with Sahasranama chanting followed by  Samuhika Sri Lakshmi Narayana Pooja. Thousands of devotees participated in the puja.
Smn. Pulla Rao garu(Agricultural Minister of A.P) and Smn. Pathuri Nagabhushanam garu were guests of the day. HH Swamiji unveiled  Bhagavadgita Text, Bhagavadgita Text with meaning, and 2015 calendar prepared by Banglore VT. BhagavadGita copies were sponsored by Smt. Satyavathi garu.
Mother and Lord appeared on Hamsa Vahanam today. Hamsa is known for the beauty of its majestic steps. It was unbelievable to watch how Lord enjoyed those delicate steps entertaining Mother and devotees. It was a playful event for Him and there were smiles all over for the devotees in the enjoyment.
5th Day

On 5th day of Sri Yagam, HH Swamiji discussed 7th and 8th chapters from Bhagawad Gi:tha.  Sri Swamiji explained in detail how one can achieve wealth or liberation by following the paths given in Bhagavad Gita. Liberation or Moksha is also two types – one is Kaivalyam – just experiencing the self alone without reaching the Lord. Another one which we all desire – to attain Paramapadam where we do eternal service of Lord and enjoy the bliss forever. Before ascending to the divine, we also need divine help in this world to perform our activities as directed the Lord and for that we need some resources. Swamiji explained in detail about them.  Sri U. Ve. Sriman Rangaramanujacharya Swamy, President of Srimath Ubhaya Vedanthacharya Pi:tham, Secretary of JIVA visited Sri Yagam and spoke a few words about the event. On behalf of Sri Yagam committee Sriman Gangarajugaru honored him.  Smn. Kamineni Srinivas garu, Health Minister also visited Sri Yagam and got the blessings of HH Swamiji.
Today perumal appeared on Hanumad vahanam. Hanuman being His most beloved servant, Lord Sri Ramachandra enjoyed the ride thereby bringing joy to acharya and devotees watching the procession.
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4th Day

On 4th day of Sri Yagam HH Swamiji explained 5th Chapter of Bhagawad Gi:tha in the morning at 7.00am and 6th Chapter in the evening at 6.00pm. In the evening, the topic ” How to control Manas”  was dealt in depth which answered the questions of many devotees. So many secrets are hidden in our scriptures and only acharyas can  reveal them to us. HH disclosed the simple tips given by Lord Krishna to control our mind.
Nakshatra Homam and Veda Homam continued in Ya:ga Sa:la. Today Smn. Devineni Uma visited Sri Yagam and got blessings from HH Swamiji. In the evening A.P Govt. Chief VIP Smt. Nannapaneni Rajakumari and State Cabinet Minister Smn. Kodela Siva Prasad garu came and visited Sri Yagam and got blessings from HH Swamiji.  Speaking on this occasion, Rajakumarigaru  shared her experiences. She said that many often quote HH speeches when they speak in public.  She recollected a speech told by HH  about 25 years ago and expressed gratitude to HH Sri Swamiji for showing the right path. Kodela Siva Prasad garu unvield the “A:darsa Dinacharya” of 2015th year.
Later HH Swamiji took them to “SUDARASANAM” a photo exibition of JET and its activities since HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji. Smn. Kodela cut the ribbon and started Sudarsanam under the aegis of HH Swamiji. This exhibition displays various activities taken up by JET and its branches – in the past and at present. The events include those conducted by Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji also. For more than sixty years Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji toiled relentlessly working hard to build the great institution of JET with all its branches as we see today. Every photo and exhibit not only displays the event alone, but also speaks volumes about the hard work behind the curtains, the unseen hands, the vision of the acharyas and their ambition. Minute after minute acharyas work meticulously in planning and executing each event without taking rest and not caring for any credit or personal comfort. We can only show our thankfulness by extending our hands in their service. If not, at least let us utilize the forums they have created and contribute to the welfare at personal level as well as at society level. Vedic students have shown exemplary skills in setting up live models of the Asrams at Sriramanagaram and Sitanagaram. Their master piece exhibit is the Ramanuja Sahasrabdi model which is carved to the minute detail as much as possible. It was all setup in just 2 days time. Let us visit the stall and applaud their efforts.
It was kalpa vruksha vahanam today in which Lord gracefully received the Vahana seva with all four types of steps. Devotees cheered and enjoyed the Vayyari Nadakalu thoroughly. The 4th day program concluded with Pu:rnahuthi. 
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 Day 1 to Day 3
It is a rare yajnam – only performed once in the past. Our beloved Swamiji performed the same Sri Yagam in New Jersey Asram in USA four years back. Hundreds of priests from India visited USA and conducted it flawlessly with great fervor. Sri Suktam, Lakshmi Ashtottara Sata Nama Stotram and Hare Rama bhajan were conducted round the clock non-stop for all nine days braving colder nights also. It was a great event to remember for one’s life time. Sri Sukta homam was performed with sandalwood. Lotuses and honey were also used to perform the Lakshmi Havanam on the last day. Sri Swamiji personally  trained the palanquin bearers on how to conduct the vahana seva – sometimes it was even taking an hour or so for just few yards. A real memorable occassion. We can all see how USA is bouncing back to prosperity once again after the Sri Yagam in 2010.
In the Sri Yagam being conducted now, Sri Swamiji made a sankalpam for prevention of all natural disasters, protection from evil influences of stars and planets. We all have seen the recent disaster and havoc created by the Hud-Hud hurricane in Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas. Let us join in Sri Yagam and pray for prevention of such disasters in general and for protection from evil influences of planets and stars in personal life also.
In the evening Ankuraropanam was conducted. Sri Swamiji and Perumal came to the Yagasala amid a grand reception with melodious Nadaswaram sounds. The Rutvik varanam – inviting the priests for the Yagam and requesting them to conduct the Yagam took place.
JET Chairman Sriman Gokaraju Gangaraju garu also accompanied Sri Swamiji and described his experiences with conviction about how things will become true just by Sri Swamiji’s grace. Sri Swamiji’s disciple Smt Daniela donated a bell for use in Sri Yagam

Jai Srimannarayana!Sri Yagam started today under the aegis of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, HH Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar…

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Mornings began with HH pravachan on Bhagawad Gi:tha followed by Thi:rttha goshti, nakshathra homam, Sri Lakshmi puja, purna:huthi and prasadam distribution. All who contributed in kind for the  yagam such as pure cow ghee sat as ubhayadhars in the nakshathra homam. Nice ashtalakshmi dollars and small Lakshmi Narayana murthis were distributed to the yaga participants.
Evening program began with Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam followed by  Githa pravachan. Later Lord went on a procession on different vahanas each day to the yaga sala. Evening program concluded with purnahuthi and prasadam distribution.
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