25th June, 2016
Gem of thought from HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji exclusively for you!
Have you ever pondered whether we should depend on the path taken by our elders OR we should act independently to reach our goals? If we just follow elders, then what is the purpose of our own thoughts and brains? We will need to construct a way of life that continues to protect the values, ethics, rules and regulations followed by elders, while not compromising on the strength of individual efforts in making way to achieving goals. This combination is a key to success.

When we intend water to flow in a direction and reach an end point successfully, we direct it on both sides by constructing edges/bunds. Similarly, our actions are to be guided by the rules and values provided by our elders which act as two bunds protecting our efforts and leading us in the right path.
Sri Swami ji introduced Sri Krishnama:charyula Varu who is a renowned Vedic scholar and completely content personality with no bank account – spends all time in the service of the Lord and humanity. Sri Swami ji appreciated Somaraju garu, Padmasree Awardee who by nature has not been focussed on just acquiring wealth, rather providing service in his area of Cardiology. Swami ji also appreciated the life style of the Sri Rameshwar Rao garu who conducts himself in a value based methodology both in business and personal life. All these three personalities were awarded by the Sri Bhaskar Rao family.

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