Jai Srimannarayana…!

Vaikunta Ekadasi is observed with great fervour at Mandasa Temple on Jan 1st 2015. Devotees came from many places of Srikakulam District had darshan of Sri Vasudeva Perumal through out the day. Utthara Dwara Darshanam is started at 4.55 AM. In spite of heavy clouds and light showers, lots of devotees had darshan with devotion. Temple is decorated with garlands brought from Rajahmundry. Photographs of the temple and works taken up, around the temple are here with enclosed for glance of Sri Swamivaru.
View-of-flooring-after-completion-on-north-side-150x150    Progress-of-shed-work-proposed-at-Vahana-Mandapam-150x150    Progress-of-work-of-Yagasala-150x150    Kalyanamandapam-present-status-150x150    20150101_051908-150x150    20150101_051927-150x150
20150101_053651-150x150    20150101_061537-150x150    20150101_064936-150x150    20150101_064951-150x150    View-at-Gopalasagaram-on-Vykuntha-Ekadasi-150x150

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