Ever thought of drinking water which is saturated to the content with salt? Question might be weird, but unfortunately it happens to be a part of reality of the lives of people living in the village of Maghasanidippa, which is a part of numerous islands Godavari delta. Drinking water has become such a distant reality for them, that they walk almost 3 km, dig wells and try collecting ground level water which would have less salt content. But sadly, even this water is relatively consumable. Another way by which they resort to have drinking water is that by collecting rain water and storing them for future use, this does not last long as it gets contaminated when insects start growing in it. Due to the acute scarcity of water, the villagers are left with no other option but boil and drink the same water. All the villagers live their lives by fishing. Hundreds of cows(Ongole breed) in the forest are also been reported dead due to water scarcity. Every problem has a solution, and our beloved HH Swamiji has pioneered this expertise. The villagers from Magasanidippa requested Swamiji to arrange a permanent water source because they are not able to drink the salty water.And this is possible only by constructing the pipeline from the Godavari River. In the pursuit of giving the villagers a fresh lease of life, a project has been launched which includes the construction of mineral plant and pipeline, and its estimated cost is about one crore. However, the mineral plant was inaugurated on Santhi Sudaram Day by Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji. But as the saying goes any effort to make a dream reality goes in vain as it requires collective team work which leads to success. Come and be a part of this mission and quench the thirsts of many through your generous contribution…
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