Devathas and Sages gathered to grace the occasion of Parvati Parameswara Kalyanam on Himagiri hills. After a few minutes, there was a sudden tilt of the hill. Everyone looked on the other side to see what caused the tilt of the hill. It was Agastya Mahamuni. As he entered the hill to grace the occasion, the other side lifted itself up leaving everyone in awe. He is only as tall as a thumb and has a huge beard, called kumbhasambhavudu. Despite his appearance, the sage’s power is quite astonishing. Viswakarma looked at Agastya Mahamuni and laughed which caused anger in the sage. This led to a curse on Viswakarma, stating that none of his designs of vehicles to be used for Lord’s travel. Viswakarma was upset because his intent behind the laugh was not to make fun of the sage. He was expressing a shock because Agastya Mahamuni looked so small but his entry gave a huge impact to the audience and the entire stage! So, Viswakarma also cursed Agastya stating that the language he founded, Tamil will be called ‘rakshasa basha’, a language that is to be used by demons.
It was supposed to be a pleasant evening, but the situation was all tense due to the exchange of these curses and anger between the two.
It was then that Sri Maha Vishnu came along and gave boons to each of them.
This cleared the air of negative feelings on each other. It also brought into light a wonderful path of Love for Lord into the world.
He stated that any song written as an expression of love towards Lord in Tamil will be considered equal to that of Vedam. When Lord goes on a vehicle as a procession around the temple, scholars chanting Vedam walk behind the deity whereas devotees singing the verses written in Tamil/Dravidam walk in front of the deity.
The set of songs written in praise and love for Lord Vishnu in Tamil/Dravidam is called ‘Nalayira Divya Prabandham’
The set of songs written in praise and love for Lord Siva in Tamil/Dravidam is called ‘Tevaram’
It is these songs that made life easy for many aspirants who wanted to understand the tatvam of Lord. It is these songs that made it possible for any commoner to reach the state of bliss. It is these songs that made life beautifully happy for several devotees without having to go through the hardships of learning Vedam. If one has to know Lord through Vedam, it is very difficult – because one will need to chant it in a specific swaram which in turn has anudatthamu, udaatthamu, swarithamu, deerga swarithamu – it is also stated in Vedam that incorrect chants could lead to chaos in the existence. It is to be treated with respect and learnt with great dedication. However, the songs written in Tamil/Dravidam out of Love of Lord reveal the same secrets hooking the aspirants’ heart to Lord!
How thankful should we be for these songs!? And what a great occasion was it on which the foundation for these songs took place – the wedding of Parvati Parameswara!
On the day of Koti Deepotsavam, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s wonderful narration of this historic episode brought joy in the hearts of thousands of people! Swamiji blessed everyone who has taken part in the occasion and also explained what lighting a deepam means as written in these Tamil verses by great alwars! Read on and light up your hearts with the glow of gnana !
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