Lord VaikuntanathaLord RanganathaLord Sri KodandaRama


Paramapadanatha who was housed upstairs was made of a five metal alloy called Panchaloha. Vaikunttanatha weighed 195 kgs, and His three consorts Sri, Bhu, Neela Devi together weighed 195 kgs. The Yogapitham weighted separately 900 kgs.


The beautiful Lord Ranganatha in the middle floor is 6 feet 11 inches long. The construction of this deity did not use any ordinary mud or metal. The inside cages were weaved with copper wires. Shells, tamarind seeds and haritaki found in oceans were collected in proportions according to sasthra and mixed with palm jaggery into a paste, and then used. The mud obtained from 106 holy Vaishnava temples were anointed all over 96 saligramamurthis according to the sashtra.

A deity has 9 important parts. Each part has 12 sub parts making the totaling 108 parts. All the divyadesams on this earth are merged into this one form of Ranganatha.

The colors used on the Lord’s Divine Body are all organic obtained from the trunks of trees and will never degrade, deteriorate, or lose luster in many hundreds of years. No chemicals were used.


The deities of Sri Kodanda Rama, Mother Sita, and Sri Lakshmana are made of stone. While Sri Rama is 11 feet tall from the ground, Mother Sita is 9 feet tall, and Sri Lakshmana is 8 feet 6 inches tall from the ground.

To the agneyam – SE of the temple is the madappalli – kitchen.