On the 11th of November 2018, It was a magnanimous service offered to Sri Sitha Rama Chandra Swami, the Deity of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at Divya Saketham, JIVA. Below is the description of why, what, how, when… in the words of Swamiji just for our dear readers!

It was back in 1993…, the history in brief:

Sri Sitha Ramachandra Swami has been with us in the Deity form since the day that Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji (our Guru) has passed them onto us. In the year 1993, more than 30,000 people came to the Sithanagaram asram in Vijayawada to wish and bless us on our birthday. There were also a group of Indians who were living in America, they asked us to visit America. But, we refused telling them that there is so much to do in India, we may not be able to travel that far. The next day, our Deity walked out (with the help of some thieves) from the asram!!!

Three days prior to this incident, newly joined sub inspector of police, Sriman Koteshwar Rao ji came and visited us to seek our blessings. So, we have reached out to him and informed about our Deity who has left us. We did not feel like having any prasadam or water. We remained still waiting for the Deity to come back. We told the SI that we will wait for three days for his return with the Deity or we will go to where He is. Everyone felt alarmed with this thought and suggested us to get new Deity. We asked them, ‘If your parents go away from you for some reason, would you forget them and get new parents?’. Sriman Koteswar Rao garu began his job with all the force he could. The government authorities approached us telling that they can arrange for higher authorities as well and we refused. We trusted on Koteswar Rao garu. The third day, Sitha Ramachandra Swami returned along with Koteswar Rao garu. We felt elated and blessed.

What did we learn from the whole incident…?

Since then, we did not refuse anyone’s invitation, be it from an Indian in America or an American in Allampally in deep forests. Because, it was not me who is being invited, but it is our Sitha Ramachandra Swami who is being invited! We just travel along with our Perumal, the Deity form of God. We felt extremely grateful towards our eternal parents for listening to our plea and returning to us. The experience of God’s accessibility through the Deity form is beautiful. This is the taste of God’s greatness that can be relished by each and everyone of us. He is ours and with us all the time in the form of Deity.

For the past 25 years, to celebrate…

His return, we have been offering him a shower with all the elements of nature submitting everything possible to Him through this shower. With every pot full of these elements, we submit our heart thanking Him for being with us. This is described as Ekothara Sahasra Kalasa Snapanamu in Agama scriptures of Vedam. He sweetly receives the offering and proves to us again and again that He is with us to listen to us, to receive our services, and to remain with us as the most accessible form while being the utmost Supreme power. Can any of us imagine someone being so powerful and yet the most accessible? That is our Deity, Sri Sitha Ramachandra Swami!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, 11th November 2018

Here’s a brief description of the snapanamu or abhishekam performed with 1001 pots:

The snapanamu is regarded as the one of the most auspicious ways of serving the Deity. 4 types of elements are used in the pots, all metals(lohamulu), all precious stones(ratnamulu), all herbs (owshadulu), all fragrances (gandhamulu)They are arranged in an order as prescribed in the aagamas in three layers, manushya padam, dyva padam and bramha padam. 385 of the pots are with liquids, dravyamulu. And 616 are of water, suddhodhakamulu from various sources of water such as sea, rain, moisture, dew etc.

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