On April 26 Swamy graced us in Kalpavruksha Va:hanam.

And later in the evening, “eduruko:llu” event was performed.

It is an event where Lord Rama and Sita are made to face each other for their Kalya:nam, in their respective va:hanams and are brought closer with many rituals, dances, songs.

Sitamma rode on Hamsa Va:hanam, and Lord Rama ascended the Hanunamatha va:hanam
They were made to face other.

While Sriman Ranga Ramanuja Swamy gave excellent commentary on the auspicious qualities of Sitamma, HH Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji described the greatness of our Lord Rama.

Thus, the grand Brahmotsavam on April 26th concluded with a pu:rnahuthi at the Ya:ga sa:la.
Pu:rnahuthi is the last offering in the sacrifical fire as the grand finale of the Ya:gam and the events preceding it.

27 April Morning – Lord Rama ascended the Gajava:hana.
Once again it was a grand affair where Lord look beauitful and bright is His ornaments and when the Gaja va:hanam moved around, it felt like the Lord of the Lords, the Emperor of the Earth moving with such magnificient power, authority and splendour.

27 Evening, we had Kalyana Mahotsavam on Sesha Vahanam
Ammavaru ascended the Hamsa Va:hanam
The day concluded with Pu:rnahuthi program in Ya:ga sa:la

28 Tiruchi Va:hanam of Sri God and His consort.
The va:hana se:va went very well in the morning

28th Evening : Garuda Va:hanam. Swamy Ascended Garuda Va:hanam in all granduer.
He reached the Ananda Vima:nam where 11 crores names written by devotees have been placed. The Ananda Vimanam is in the Southeast of the Ra:ma:nuja Sahasra:badhi area.

Sri Swamiji, Ahobila Swamiji, Devanath Jeeyar Swamiji gave excellent discourse about the Utsavams and its importance.

On 29th Rathotsavam.

Murali Krishna garu, Yashodha couple participated in the Ratho:tsavam.
Avabhru:tha sna:nam program was performed for Lord Sri Rama chandra. And Sri Swamiji sprinkled the divine waters on the devotees as a blessing.

In the evening prayashita program was done. It is a program requesting God to forgive all mistakes that have been committed during the 10 days festival.
Later, all the Gods were given farewell with songs and rituals.
Then a pu:rnahuthi program was performed.

A maha: kumbha:bhishe:kam was done.

30th Morning Utsava:ntha Snapanam.

Abhishe:kam was done with 81 kalashas

30 Evening: saptavarana program

7 types of pradakshinam was done around the temple followed by Sathumurai program as part of the conclusions of Brahmotsavam. Later all the main participants, ruthvik, pandits, archakas who participated in the program were honored.

Over 50 dedicated volunteers from Gadwal, Mandasa and Ekanuru villages came and offered their services to the devotees.

Day Programme Photos
1st Day  Utsavaarambha Snapanam,Ankuraropana
Vainatheya Pratista
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2nd Day  Dhwajarohanam,Agni Pratishta,Veda Vinnapamula
Prarambham,Devathahvanam ,Shesha Vahana Seva
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3rd Day  Chathusthanarchanalu, Vahana Seva,Sayanthram
Edurkolu,Kotnalu Danchuta,Hamsa Vahana seva,
Gaja Vahana Seva
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4th Day  Chathusthanarchanalu, Vahana Seva,kalyana
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5th Day  Chathusthanarchanalu, Vahana Seva,
Dopotsavam,Garuda Vahana Seva
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6th Day  Homam,Rathotsavam,Chakra Snanam,
Pushpa Yagam
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7th Day  Utsavasta Snapanam,Sapthavaranam,
Utsava Pari Samapti
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