JIVA, Shamsabad

The holy occasion of HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s Parampadotsavam was observed at Divya Saketham, JIVA Campus. It was on the auspicious day of Vaikuntha Ekadasi around 37 yrs ago when our beloved HH Pedda Swamiji reached the divine abode of Parampadam.

HH Pedda Swamivaru’s divine knowledge and command on the Vedic Shastras, combined with the dignity, humility and ability of considering Himself a mere servant of God makes HH Pedda Swamiji a figure, true legend are made out of.

The devotees gathered at the event, together recalled HH Pedda Swamiji’s tireless mission of reviving the Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya and the message of Viswa Manava Soubhratrutvam (Universal Brotherhood) and Viswa Manava Kalyana Kankshitrutvam (Universal Well Being). Those fortunate enough to be born during the lifetime of HH Pedda Swamiji and blessed by His presence, narrated personal instances of their interactions with the ever smiling, soft spoken and humble Saint with the younger devotees. They also mentioned with pride the joy and relief they felt in seeing how HH Chinna Swamiji continues to meticulously keep up and spread the teachings & traditions, following in the foot steps laid out by the great saints and continues to carry forward the majestic legacy passed on by HH Pedda Swamiji.

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