Scriptures say, శరీరమాద్యం ఖలు ధర్మసాధనం – Body is an important and necessary tool to achieve any goal, be it, comforts in this world or bliss in God’s abode! We make efforts to maintain the tool good enough to help us perform our duties well.

Arunam is a part of Krushna Yajurvedam which talks about the power of Sun god and the way he protects us in giving the right energy for bodies to function early in the morning. Narayana is the source of all such power to Sun god, therefore – we pray to him as


DivyaSaketham hosts Arunaparayanam, homam, tarpanas, and the relavanttheertham to everyone on all Sundays at 9:00am during this maghamasam (Jan 18th to Feb 15th). We invite everyone to take the opportunity of this prayer and stay blessed with good health!