Rama Ravana battle began. It was pouring warfare all over Lanka. By then, Rama cut off Ravana’s head more than 100 times with his arrows, but they grew back again. Rama was tired and perplexed about this situation. Sage Agastya then gave a powerful message to Sri Rama and a prayer to rejuvenate him. Let’s see why and how it helped Rama. If it helped Rama, why not us?

Say we have been repeatedly working towards a goal, but all those efforts are going in vain. Sooner or later, we get worn out both physically and mentally. One option is to forget about the goal and quit. Second option is to seek stable mind, rejuvenate and try again with multiplied energy level.

First option is easy and there is no debate over how to execute it. One simply quits.

Second option opens gates for various methods to rejuvenate oneself and seek stable mind that helps in stepping back into the game. Sri Rama Chandra chose the method suggested by the great sage, Agasthya.

  Here’s the method…! When we know that an ability will aid in attaining our goal, we must adopt a way to maximise that ability it within us. As we know, an ability does not hang in the air by itself, it is attached to a being. For example: green colour is an attribute attached to a leaf. Endurance is a quality of a runner. Intelligence is an attribute of a scientist. To maximise an ability that you want, find out which being around you has exhibited that ability fully. Take inspiration from such a being. Seek his or her support with complete humility. Meditate and Pray to such being. Now, restart your efforts. Agastya referred Sun to be such inspiration to Sri Rama.

Sun is also a soul like one of us with the following few differences. He is superior to us in some abilities. He functions happily as directed by the Supreme power, unlike us. Vedas define how we should also be leading our lives, but we have become the naughty or arrogant children of God, forgetting the rules or even forgetting God’s existence! Thus, we have gotten weaker bodies with limited and restricted abilities. Sun is performing his duties well, so serves as an inspiration to even Sri Rama Chandra!

Here’s a compare and contrast of Sun and ourselves.

Sun Human Beings         
Sun’s body is dominated by the element, ‘thejas’ Our bodies are dominated by the element, ‘earth’ (मिट्टी)
The current Sun’s age is 195,58,85,119 years. He has lived only half his age, and therefore will be around for another 200 crore years. Our average life expectancy, less than 100 years
He does not need anyone to focus light on his body to be visible We need an external source of light (such as Sun, or torch light) to be visible

Vedas define Sun as:

Dhye:yas  sada:  savithru  mandala madhyavarthi:
Na:ra:yanas  sarasija:sana sannivishtaha |
Keyu:rava:n makara kundalava:n kiri:ti: ha:ri:
 Hiranmaya  vapur dhrutha sankha chakraha ||

Aditya Hrudayam is a powerful prayer you can also learn and chant, keeping in mind the intent of the prayer. The prayer echoes the knowledge about Sun and the way he functions tirelessly as an instrument of the Supreme power.

Sri Rama (an avatar of Lord Narayana himself) lived like a normal human being to show how one should lead his/her life. To achieve a tough task, one needs inspiration. There are great beings who can support us while we put our limbs and mind at work! Take the support and put in all your efforts to succeed.

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
-12th Feb 2019, Vijaya Kiladri
-Ratha Sapthami

You can chant the prayer along with Swami here

2018 Ratha Sapathmi